Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup 2010 - My Thoughts

Now that both the teams I was rooting for are out, and my emotions are high, I thought I'd vent a little:

- The US team beat themselves in the game against Ghana. The forwards had chance after chance to put the damn ball in the back of the net and didn't do it. We were weak both forward and back and you don't go deep in a World Cup with just a strong middle. 300 million people and the best we can come up with back is Jay DeMerit? And as for Altidore - he showed NONE of the skill or speed that he showed in Germany 2006. At 20 years old he looks old and fat. Kudos to Donovan, Dempsey and Bradley but three aren't a team.

- While I started this WC wondering about the coach's son, I leave it wondering about the coach.  Michael Bradley was awesome in this WC, but his Dad? Did he want to lose to Ghana? That's the only reason I can think of for him starting the players he did.

- I don't like Efan Ekoku's announcing. He's a pretentious, snotty prig. I like Steve McManaman and Alexi Lalas; they tell it like it is. Klinnsmann is OK but a bit too New Agey to stomach. Give him a hug? 

- The Jabulani ball is a disgrace. Any idiot can see how it sails off the toe. What in the name of God were FIFA thinking? Oh yeah, that's right they don't think. How are players with tens of thousands of hours with a real soccer ball supposed to adjust their play in the course of a few weeks with a BALLOON? Somebody, somewhere is making a fortune off this ball I wouldn't let my nine year olds practice with. 

- Officiating: there will always be mistakes; that's human nature. There is no excuse for a Coulibaly though. Obviously in an effort to be PC and have African refs FIFA put in a woefully inexperienced ref. Americans have never in their history allowed one person in authority to manage their destinies. That's one reason it's so hard for American fans to stomach the complete authority of one referee on the field making all the calls.

-  Thank you Fate for the referee in the US-Ghana game. He let the game play out and the Americans hang themselves. No Dr. Merk anywhere on the field (and how sweet the karma that allowed US to get a penalty kick!)

- Why OH WHY (and I'm crying here) can't FIFA get their heads out of each other's asses and allow instant replay? Oh yeah we're talking about Sepp Blatter, a guy who laughed out loud when the Irish didn't make the WC due to a French handball. A guy who's under investigation for just about everything...gee, makes you wonder?

- England, Oh England! Maybe they need a few World Cups like the French just had, so the English media give up the ghost. Then the players can come back and ENJOY the game, and win the Cup.

- Both the England and US games point out the need for a solid defense. A watertight, mobile back line won't win the World Cup, but not having one loses the World Cup. Duh, but something seemingly forgotten in the hype over flashy forwards and strikers.

- It's a beautiful game. It really is...but somehow the Euros muck it up. 

-NINETY MILLION FOR ONE PLAYER!!!??? Is there really that much money sloshing around? Should it be spent on a sport? (I don't follow baseball or pro football, I'm sure the salaries are just as outrageous.) Money spent on players, money spent on betting - who knows if a bit goes into the ref's pockets? The officiating certainly makes you wonder, that and the pigheadedness of FIFA.

-THANK YOU ESPN and ABC for crystal clear High Def, intelligent live programming. THANK YOU!!!

Now I can get back to painting. My hours the past few weeks have seriously suffered. 


  1. I am giggling. I used to watch soccer. I love the game and I watched the world cup championship game.It's fun to see a bunch of men running around for hours and nothing happens until the last minute. I hope you are well.

  2. Good looking men at that, right Ces?

  3. Yes, that too! I loved it when they took off their shirts! Hmn, too bad, they don't allow much of that anymore.


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