Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Garden Light" Available on EBay

Available On EBay

Small 6x8 original oil painting. Oil on linen. Painting is sold unframed.
This model is a dance major home for the summer. She posed in a fellow artist's garden on a warm, summer morning. It was the light raking and defining her torso - combined with the deep shadows behind that I attempted to capture. The contrast between her warm, tanned skin and the various overt or subtle greens also intrigued me. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Xanadu Gallery Ad in American Art Collector magazine

Page 39 of the February issue of American Art Collector Magazine has this painting of mine as part of the advertisement for Xanadu Gallery.

Gray Sweater
Available at Xanadu gallery

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter 1947

Winter 1947
Small 6x8 original oil painting. Oil on linen. Painting is sold unframed.

At Christmas my mother brought a dvd collection of old family home movies. One scene of a snowstorm circa 1947 caught my eye. I froze (pun intended) the scene on the TV and painted this from the couch. In it are my mother, her brother, sister and a family friend. Plus the dog. Mom is second from left. She's about 11 or 12 years old.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our First "Whine & Critique"

Since the death of Tom Buechner and with "Open Studio" being mothballed, artists in the community had found themselves increasingly drifting apart. It was decided to have a monthly get-together, a time for artists to share a glass of wine and a piece of art. The piece could be finished, unfinished or something the artist is 'stuck' on. The goals are to network and help each other move forward.

Our first W&C was held at 171 Cedar Arts Center. The Center's director, Lynn Rhoda Dates, generously opened up the second floor art studio for two hours. About 18 artists attended ( I did a head count - but forgot what it was) and almost all brought a piece of work. The next W&C will be held in the studio of Bridget Bossart von Otterloo. All artists polled thought it would be interesting for other artists to host the monthly event, sort of a 'book club' format. We want to see each other's studios, perhaps gain some tips on set-up and working.

Any artist is invited. All are welcome. Please bring a beverage of your choice or a dish to share. It's very informal. Pieces are displayed. The artist is asked to say a few words on the piece, then everyone jumps in.

Lessons learned from the first W&C:
  • We need to start talking about the art earlier, leaving the socializing for afterward.
  • There needs to be a time limit on the critique of each piece.
  • Two hours wasn't enough. Three is better.
Two pieces of art seemed to gather the most attention. Barb Blumer brought in two small paintings she'd done using eye shadow. Barb started the pieces for fun, to see if it was possible, and wasn't expecting the (positive) reaction. Marty Poole brought in a large interior he found himself stuck on. Marty presented his problems and requested comments. He got a lot of them.

We didn't get to all of the work. Thus the idea of a timer. Comments on the night have been very positive. It's apparent there were a few rough edges - but hey, it was our first one. They're scheduled for the third Mondays of the month. We have an email list but it isn't complete. If you're intererested in attending and not on the email list, please contact West End Gallery (607) 936-2011 or email me and we'll get you the details.

Artists: Jackie Braselmann, Maria Holbein, Rebecca Finch, Barb Blumer 

Artists: Barb Blumer, Criag palmer, Jen Palmer

Artist Sheila Ortiz with her work

Thanks to Lynn Dates (l) for hosting the event

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