Sunday, February 12, 2012


10x8 in. original oil painting. Oil on linen mounted on cardboard (Centurion OP DLX). Painting is sold unframed.
Every Wednesday we hire a model. Here one of my favorite models posed in a fellow artist's garden. Perhaps it's really her day off and she plans on a few hours under the sun. 
This painting is thicker and looser - more 'painterly' - than my usual style. Last year (to the day) I attended a workshop with renowned artist Kim English. I'm thinking it's taken me this long to begin assimilating all he taught during that intense workshop in Scottsdale, AZ. I very much enjoyed painting this, from the lush greenery swirling with thick paint, to the figure and simple shadows. Fun stuff and I hope you like it.

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In many ways I think like a photographer. The image itself is becoming more and more important to me; the actual application of paint less and less. Blasphemy in some painterly circles. I choose to paint figures and portraits because I consider them the most difficult subject.