Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Inspiration" Show upstairs at West End Gallery

The model and I had been working all morning on ideas at a farm near Lawrenceville. Now it was after noon, between  twelve-thirty and one. The sun was high overhead and the light was at its most harsh. 

While driving between the fields  in my truck I saw that she could be skylit on the hill in the plowed field.  This would take advantage of a light most artists and photographers shun. I stopped the truck and the model kicked off her shoes. Walking down the hill I realized that in order to get the correct angle I had to shoot the photos while lying down in the field.  

The model started doing her “rain dance”, as she called it, on the top of the hill. I concentrated on getting the exposure correct, while at the same time keeping her in the frame.  We knew we had something -  a nice theme - after reviewing the photos.  The next day we went back with a different dress to get more references.

Inspiration is the fuel driving the painting to completion.

Both paintings 6x8 framed oil on linen

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  1. Awesome, it looks like naked chick w/ sunglasses ( your other painting ) who now has a dress on, dancing. Love them ! Take care, Gina


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