Friday, March 25, 2011

Yes! I'm painting!

Readers might be forgiven if they thought the recent Kim English workshop had traumatized me into not painting. Not so! There are quite a few paintings rotating on and off my easel, it's just that none of them are quite yet in a state I'd like to show. Soon...soon, I'll be posting them soon.

In the meantime please enjoy this painting of me painting by Kim English. He painted it plein aire in ten minutes at our recent workshop. I had no idea he was painting me painting - then I neglected to get a photo of his result. Without my asking, he was kind enough to send a copy. I'm afraid to ask the price....

By Kim English (completed in ten minutes)

For the record, my kids say I look too old in the painting. Gee thanks Kim.
Also recently this past week I had a chance to view a significant portion of my unsold landscape paintings all together. My wife has moved into a new office with bare walls and she requested (no - demanded) all my unsold landscapes. So I duly recalled them from the gallery and attic. Pretty cool seeing work from two, three, even five years ago. I have no idea why some of them went unsold, but I'm glad because now they're going into her permanent collection.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! Kim is a magician!

  2. Wow, she must have a gorgeous wall!


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