Thursday, May 20, 2010


Well,the paintings are finished except for glazing and I have a couple of drawings - the museum only needs one drawing so I'll pick one after they're framed. Will be posting images tomorrow. Tuesday I made an appointment with Tom Buechner to have him take a look at the paintings and offer suggestions. On one he had quite a few, but they all turned out to be minor. I only needed 15 minutes to knock off his list. The other he had fewer suggestions, but it took longer - about an hour. Dustin Boutwell has signed off on them also. After a few weeks living with these I'm done with them emotionally and physically. I popped them in frames today to see how they worked. They work fine.


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In many ways I think like a photographer. The image itself is becoming more and more important to me; the actual application of paint less and less. Blasphemy in some painterly circles. I choose to paint figures and portraits because I consider them the most difficult subject.