Saturday, February 13, 2010

An Invitation to Arnot Art Museum Gala

Our local art museum, The Arnot Art Museum, has had a Gallery Gala every year since we moved here. Then there was some sort of restructuring,  work was done on the museum and John O'Hern left - not necessarily all related, I don't think. This is the first Gala in a couple of years. They have renamed it. Now its to be known as "Framed".

When we first moved here ten years ago we received an invitation to attend. It was a very nice night, a chance to meet people and look at some great art by local, and not so local, artists. The quality was very high.  Over the years I've come to know some of the big names showing: Buechner, Poole, Gardner, Myers, Keeler, Ziegler, etc.  To make a long story short one of my goals was to be invited as an artist to show in the Gala. This year the invitation arrived. 

The show will run the 5th of June to 9th of July 2010.  It is a silent auction format: 50% and 50% to raise funds for the museum. To celebrate my invitation I've uploaded some stuff from sketchbooks. Most are from the model, but some are from TV. 

Acting on advice from Morgan Weistling I'm trying to draw AMAP (as much as possible). My friends think I'm nuts, and it does kind of kill the continuity of a TV program to freeze the frame and run off a sketch. Thats why I just channel surf boring programs with the sound off looking for heads. It doesn't always work; sometimes I'm drawn in anyway. You might recognize Lyoto Machida (never boring) or a character from The Tudors (Showtime). But a couple are from commercials or HD programs. 

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