Thursday, September 24, 2009

Almost Finished

These are pretty close to finished I think. A few small things to clean/clear up, but most of the work is complete.


  1. Jeff, I'm looking at your stable and these women, and it's like the world is standing still. Your paintings celebrate form. You capture the light and varying tones so beautifully. These are absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Thanks Bella. I personally like the picture of the model on the diving board, esp after making a few changes and adjustments. What do you think of the title "End of Summer"?

    The barn painting is from a sepia photo I took of Jill helping out. In the Spring and Summer the horses come into the barn for the day. During the fall and winter it's reversed. It's quite a job and quite a sight with 24 horses.

    Hope all is well. Some great work on your site too btw!

  3. These paintings are so powerful...
    i love the way details are shown, my darling is the one on the right... kneeling... so gorgeous...

  4. Hey thanks BeyondMarGien's. Im glad you like the one on the right. I thought I overdid the drama for the kneeling picture. it's title is "Prayer" and the one on the left is "End of Summer". and I very much appreciate your comment.


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